The Lab
Let's Brew a Solution Together

Our process of planning and building your project is inspired by Agile and Scrum principles and processes. It is our goal to deliver a quality product that will benefit your business and help it grow.
Let's get brewing!



First, we establish the root of the project by assessing the problem and needs.

  • Problem Assessment
    Assessment of competition, what advantages they have, and how it could be improved upon.
  • Needs Assessment
    General assessment of target market, short- and long-term goals, and other business functionality needs.
  • Planning
    Brainstorming and project conceptualization. Wireframes and mockups are created.


Next, we plan the structure. This involves how data is managed, and the overall structure of the site or application, depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Data Management
    Plan and organize data structure, and assess how it will be presented.
  • Site Structure
    Establish hierarchy of pages and content.
  • Content
    Gathering and development of content, including any digital assets (images, videos, etc.), and copy that is to be presented.


Build, Review, Analyze, Change.
This is the most exciting part of the process, as you'll begin to see your vision come to fruition!

  • Build
    The website or application is built.
  • Review
    Client reviews work and provides feedback.
  • Analyze
    QA testing and assessments are performed on what needs to be improved, modified, or otherwise improved.
  • Change
    Proposed changes are applied to project.


Create Ongoing Enhancements
Project launch, with ongoing maintenance and enhancements.

  • Project Launch
    Once everything is satisfactory, project is made accessible to public.
  • Monthly Maintenance
    Monthly search engine optimization, content updates, and software upgrades are performed (if needed).
  • Enhancements
    Addition of new features, content, and design enhancements.

Your website or application is a marketing tool, which is never truly finished! Let us take care of the monthly maintenance and ongoing enhancements for you!


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